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A Nonprofit Organization Providing Health Education

Health Information Station helps people stay healthy, be strong, and keep their immune system raging.

A Nonprofit Organization

Health Information Station is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the community of St. Louis, Missouri. We provide health education, clothing to people in need, and fruits and vegetables from the indoor vertical farm of the Garden 2 Door (G2D) Project year-round. Proceeds from the garden help support our drive to decrease and prevent diseases as we offer dependable sources of nutrients for better health.



“I enjoyed the phone contact and food I was provided from the G2D Project.”

- Mrs. Bennie

“I look forward to participating next year if I can. I really enjoyed the support and the encouragement to eat more fruits and vegetable. Also, it was a plus getting fresh vegetables delivered straight to the front door.”

- Ms. E. Strahan

“The food was really fresh and good. I wish there was more in the packages. That’s how much I appreciated G2D.”

- Anonymous

About Garden 2 Door (G2D) Project

“Dear G2D supporters and friends,

The year 2020 has been an inspiration and a challenge. As we embark upon the next season and reason for our lives, I would like to encourage you, as well as myself, to partake in better nutritional options.

In 2020, I was inspired to start the Garden 2 Door (G2D) Project with a plethora of ideas, fun, and adventure for its participants. Plans were to visit the garden where their food was growing and thriving in, eat together after picking some food from it, and learn how to prepare meals without destroying all the great nutrients fruits and vegetables provide. But of course, what happened next? COVID-19, the pandemic that changed our lives.

All that was condensed to social distancing and finding best practices for delivering to those participants that were eagerly ready. G2D hatched a plan to deliver fresh vegetables, along with weekly recipe options, from the garden to the front doors of the participants, and it WORKED. The feedback was great, and the participants stated they would do it again if given the opportunity. Well, G2D was personally funded, and as you know, G2D is feeling the same impact as everyone else. So, UNDERSTAND you are UNDERSTOOD here. 

I can say we have all learned a few things from this pandemic, and that is to stay healthy, be strong, and keep your immune system raging. This is what the G2D project plans to do to help the community.

To continue doing so, G2D needs your help to create a space for learning and a place we can treat ourselves for an evening or a weekend of fun, music, food, and drinks. Most of all, we appreciate your support in our effort to combat diseases.

This was the first year for G2D with plans for many more, with your help and support. Your generosity will make all this possible. Will you help us raise continue this needed project? If so, you can give a tax donation to:

Thank you for believing in our mission and supporting #G2D. We are in this together.

With love,

Dr. Jeanetta Stomer”

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